What is a mexpat?


mex·pat   |ˈmeksˈpat |


 noun (pl. mexpats)

Mexican person who lives outside Mexico

“Hard-working mexpats are taking over the world.”


(of a Mexican person) living outside Mexico

“Mexpat talent knows no boundaries.”


why should you care?


Stereotypes are mental shortcuts that we use to make sense of a complicated reality. However, they are often wrong, and can lead us to bad decisions. One of the most common stereotypes is the one based on nationality. 

So, what’s the Mexican stereotype in the US and, by cultural spillover, in other places of the world? We just have to google it, and the results are not flattering. Some elements associated to the Mexican stereotype are laziness, violence, machismo, lack of manners, buffoonery, and lack of education.

While this is slowly changing as more and more talented mexpats enter the professional ranks around the world, I thought it would be useful to set up this project. The idea is to gather examples of mexpats around the world, feature them in a short profile and create a gallery for the world to see that there is a whole other side to the Mexican stereotype.

So, if you are a mexpat and would like to participate, I would be very glad to feature your profile. Just go to the “¿eres un mexpat?” section and fill the form. If you are not a mexpat, I still encourage you to pay a visit to the gallery. You might be surprised of the level and variety of mexpat talent available around the world.

Thank you for your visit!